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Perfect Antivirus 2014

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Perfect Antivirus 2014 is an antivirus program made by Raxco that has two guiding principles. First, you get “silent protection,” which focuses on providing security without bothering you with needless alerts and dialog boxes. The other guiding principle is social networking protection, specifically for Facebook and Twitter. There are also many other features that facilitate this antivirus program, making it one of the better ones on the market. If you are looking for comprehensive security software, this program might be right for you. Read through this review, as we will cover all the important areas of this software, such as features, ease of use and customer support. If you are thinking of buying this program, then this review might help you make the right choice.

Features of Perfect Antivirus

In terms of detecting and removing malware, this program uses both the local installation and cloud technology to improve this program’s power. Not only that, but you are able to set your preferences, so Perfect Antivirus 2014 knows exactly what to do with malware when it is discovered. The stealth features allow this program to constantly scan for viruses whenever the computer is idle, which keeps it from wasting power you need for programs or functions. It also protects you from social network hijacking by watching out for malicious coding.

Ease of Use of Perfect Antivirus

This program suffers a little here, but not by much. When you first install this program, you should go through the settings and fill out your preferences. This is because Perfect Antivirus 2014 functions so much on behavior-based decisions, and you want the program to work correctly. However, this only takes a few minutes to fill out, and it’s fairly simple. Aside from that, the program basically runs on autopilot.

Customer Support Quality

You can contact the software’s developers via phone or email, and technical support is easy to find. When called, the staff was congenial and helpful, and there were no problems fixing the presented issues. Overall, the customer support was very good and fairly knowledgeable without putting you on hold for very long.

Main Advantages of Perfect Antivirus 2014

The biggest advantage to Perfect Antivirus 2014 is its stealth mode functions. While many programs run on autopilot, this is one of the few that waits until the computer is idle. This enables you to use your computer’s power exactly when you need it. The social networking security is also a welcome feature that will help anyone on these networks keep their account secure and safe from hackers. The behavior system is also something to marvel at.

Antivirus SoftwarePerfect Antivirus 2014Perfect Antivirus 2014 is an antivirus program made by Raxco that has two guiding principles. First, you get “silent protection,” which focuses on…

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