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PC Tools Antivirus 2014

PC Tools Antivirus 2014 is the newest edition to the PC Tools line of security software, and it comes in a free trial and paid version, which allows you to try it out before permanently installing the program. It has a file guard feature, which helps you protect against malware and spyware, and the removal tool is effective at removing threats that get through the security measures. There are also other helpful features bundled in with this software. If you are thinking of buying PC Tools Antivirus 2014, then you should check out this review to make sure it is up to your standards. In this review, you learn about the many features included in this program, along with the customer service quality you will encounter when facing a technical problem.

Features of PC Tools Antivirus

This program has a real-time scanner that is constantly finding and removing malware in real-time. This is different from most other programs that scan every few minutes or just once a day. Not only that, but PC Tools Antivirus 2014 works in conjunction with your browser to display safety ratings when you are using a search engine. Email protection is also available, and this will scan sent and received emails for malicious coding that could harm your system.

Ease of Use of PC Tools Antivirus 2014

While there is an advanced settings section that may be difficult for some home users to fluently navigate, the basic tools are simple to find and use. Since the advanced settings section only has to be opened if you want to configure the program to your preferences, you shouldn’t have to open this menu very often. Overall, the program runs smoothly and should be simple to navigate.

Customer Support Quality

One problem with PC Tools is their customer support quality. Unless you purchase Spyware Doctor or Internet Security, you will not be able to call or email PC Tools for any assistance. You can only use their forum and knowledgebase. While the forum does have useful members, this is a large blow against the company.

Main Advantages of PC Tools Antivirus

The extended free trial is a good advantage that will give you plenty of time to test out this program. Other advantages include the search engine protection, which prevents you from visiting serious computer threats and the real-time scanner that constantly works to detect and remove viruses. The email protection is also rather comprehensive, protecting against both phishing emails and viruses located within the email. Overall, this program is best suited for the consumer market.

Antivirus SoftwarePC Tools Antivirus 2014
PC Tools Antivirus 2014 is the newest edition to …

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