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avast! Pro Antivirus 7

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Avast! Pro Antivirus 7 is the newest addition to the Avast! family, just in time to join the other 2013 antivirus programs. In the past, Avast! has been primarily known as a manufacturer of free antivirus programs, and their free edition is very popular. While the free version is great, the paid version supplies even better data security. There are many great features that enable this program to join the best of the best, and this review will go through the many features and other factors that are important to know before buying any program. If you are thinking of getting this program, then read through this review and make sure that it fits all your needs and expectations. There is both a Windows and Mac edition, so both users can be protected.

Features of Avast! Pro Antivirus 7

Aside from basic virus scanning and common data security measures, this program has a lot of features that users will love. This program is able to prevent interruptions when you are playing or watching something in full-screen mode. It will disable all pop-ups and notifications, ensuring you are not distracted. Pro Antivirus 7 is also capable of blocking web scripts from attacking your computer, and it can scan for viruses before Windows even starts, ensuring the viruses do not activate.

Ease of Use of Avast! Antivirus

When it comes to ease of use, this program is perhaps one of the best. Nearly every function is automatic, and you might even forget about it after installing it. It constantly runs behind the scenes, so unless you need to turn something off, you will not have to interact with the program. The only thing you really notice is the severe lack of viruses or slowdowns affecting your computer.

Customer Support Quality

Avast! has the three basic contact methods for you to use: email, phone and online chat. Depending on who you are talking to, the support ranges from satisfactory to very good. You will get easy answers, and you won’t have any troubles talking with the staff.

Main Advantages of Avast! Pro Antivirus

The biggest advantage to this program is that it is built for more than just scanning and destroying viruses. It is actually made to noticeably affect your computing experience, but in a good way. It actively gets rid of interruptions during movies and games, which everyone hates, and the ability to scan before a computer starts is amazing. This program does what a lot of other antivirus programs forget to do: really enhance the user experience.

Antivirus Softwareavast! Pro Antivirus 7Avast! Pro Antivirus 7 is the newest addition to the Avast! family, just in time to join the other 2013 antivirus programs. In the past, Avast! has be…

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