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What is the Safest Browser for Windows 7?

Internet Explorer, Chrome and FirefoxWhether you have just purchased a new computer with Windows 7 installed or if you have recently upgraded your version of Windows to Windows 7, you might be interested in knowing more about the safest browser for Windows 7, based on your browsing needs.

When you first install a fresh copy of Windows 7, your default browser will be Internet Explorer, although it is not necessary to keep and only use that browser for your web-browsing needs. You can also look to install either Google Chrome, or Firefox as well. Both browsers are free to download and use and they do not require a user registration or membership to do so.

Benefits of Installing Google Chrome or Firefox

When you install a browser such as Google Chrome or Firefox, you are adding an additional layer of security and protection. These browsers not only load quicker and allow you to browse without interruption, lag, and unwanted add-ons, but they also offer both fraud protection and a pop-up blocker with the proper extensions installed.

Both browsers offer you the ability to download third party applications and “extensions” to make web browsing even more convenient than before, eliminating pop ups while you browse and helping to ensure all websites are safe and secure before entering any personal and sensitive information including credit card numbers, social security numbers, your name and address, and even your social security number. Using Google Chrome or Firefox ensure when you browse you are browsing as safely as possible without posing a risk or a threat to your personal data or your computer (with a virus or a fault download as well).

Security of web browsers

Both Firefox and Google Chrome were firstly independently developed and now allow users of the community to help with updates and add-ons to both of the browsers, truly making the browsers ideal for the internet community as it was made for them specifically.

How to Download Additional Web Browsers

Downloading a new web browser and installing it is possible by doing a bit of research of your own using popular search engines and by visiting the official browser websites as well, where you can easily download and install the browser of your choice. It only takes a few minutes to download a new web browser, which can potentially protect you from damaging viruses that can ultimately compromise your computer if not monitored properly.

Antivirus SoftwareWhat is the Safest Browser for Windows 7?Whether you have just purchased a new computer with Windows 7 installed or if you have recently upgraded your version of Windows to Windows 7, you mig…

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  1. Xavier B.J. Dsouza says:

    Both the above mentioned Browsers are gets Corrupted on loading the Applications on my machine Please suggest