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The Best Free Rootkit Removal Tools

Anti-rootkit toolComputers have come a long way since its beginnings in the early 1970‘s. They have become great tools for a plethora of different users and businesses. Over the years, however, the rise of viruses and malware have been a great nuisance to all those that use computers. One of these so called malicious software has been giving many a hard time due in essence to the fact that it is difficult to detect and is troublesome to remove.

It is called a rootkit, or more specifically, a malicious rootkit. A rootkit by itself is actually a common part to many operating systems, allowing control over core parts of operating system’s code and administrator commands. However, most of the time “rootkit” is automatically understood to mean the malicious kind.

Rootkit scanning can either be a simple process or a difficult ordeal depending on how deep the rootkit has managed to infiltrate your system. Sophos, a computer company that specializes in security software, has a special program that makes it easy to detect and even prevent rootkit attacks. It’s due to their effective encryption software and data loss prevention techniques.

Prevx Free can also be a wise choice when wanting to prevent rootkit attacks, it even has an option to freely protect you from specific sites that are prone to attract many malicious software, among the many include rootkits. Both these programs have a trial option and you can decide if they are worth getting their full versions.

If you are looking for a free solution, you can try avast!. avast! is a long time running antivirus software producer. They are worthy to note for their free antivirus which, according to various statistics, is comparable to top paid antivirus solutions.

Logo of avast!One of the things many may not be aware of, is that Avast Anti-Rootkit can be used as a rootkit scanner. Granted, it may not be the most effective out there, but for the price tag it sure beats having no protection. As with the others, you can choose to upgrade Avast to a fuller version for greater protection for a reasonable price.

The key thing to remember is that rootkits often times make it so they are nearly undetectable and any efforts in rootkit scanning will result with no detection of the rootkit. This is because the nature of the rootkit is to appear as a normal component of the computer it is trying to take over.

If your computer is acting in a strange fashion or is executing unknown programs without your permission, it is likely that taking any action at that point will yield little results. Always use safe practices when online and only go to trusted websites, or if rootkit scanning fails, re-install the operating system.

Antivirus SoftwareThe Best Free Rootkit Removal ToolsComputers have come a long way since its beginnings in the early 1970‘s. They have become great tools for a plethora of different users and business…

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  1. Allan says:

    Thanks for the info.. I don’t know much about this, is Unthreat Antivirus a RootKit scanner too? Have you heard of it? Thanks