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Could Dropbox Be a Security Threat to My PC?

Extra security for DropboxDropbox is a storage and file synchronizing service that organizes a client’s documents, photos, and videos. Many people like the benefits Dropbox offers because the company manages subscriptions up to 100 GB for free. In addition, subscribers can access their computer files without Internet connection if need be. Dropbox is compatible with several systems, including Linux, Mac, Windows, iPad, Blackberry, and Android. The subscriber can easily share their files with others, and can retrieve and restore files from Dropbox in case their computer crashes. From first glance it would seem that this is the perfect storage and sync service.

Is Dropbox a Threat to a Subscriber’s PC?

That’s the question that has been raised from two expert researchers, Christopher Soghian and Derek Newton who have some major problems with how Dropbox operates. First, they have claimed to have found Dropbox’s privacy policy to be misleading. They argue that Dropbox opens the potential for a third party to gain access to files on a subscriber’s computer, or their smartphone.

Is Dropbox the Carrier for Trojans and Viruses?

Trojans and viruses were also a concern of many subscribers who came to believe that Dropbox was responsible for their computer system going haywire. However, the company feels that any viruses that have infected their client’s PC’s must have come from another source, since extra measures have been taken to keep their client’s data secure. It might however be recommended to use a service like SecretSync, which allows you to encrypt all of the files you sync to your Dropbox account to ad dan extra layer of security.

SecretSync for extra security on Dropbox

Encrypting the client entire config.db file, was a security measure to also limit Dropbox’s employees from accessing personal files when troubleshooting an account. Soghian argues that Dropbox has access to encryption keys that can release a client’s files. Dropbox admits that they do have the ability to access a client’s files if required in the case of a subpoena order, but this is a rare occurrence.

Can The Debate Between Christopher Soghian and Dropbox Be Resolved?

Soghian also takes issue with Dropbox management of its mobile app, by claiming that its service uses an encrypted HTTPS connection to transfer data between a user’s device and Dropbox’s servers. In reality the files are encrypted but not on the users’ devices. While certain statements by Dropbox were missing some detailed information about its encryption methods and security policy, the company sent out a blogpost to resolve any problems or concerns arising with their service.

Antivirus SoftwareCould Dropbox Be a Security Threat to My PC?Dropbox is a storage and file synchronizing service that organizes a client’s documents, photos, and videos. Many people like the benefits Dropbox off…

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  1. jerry K says:

    I recently stopped a virus that had imbedded itself in my dropbox cache temp files…..still trying to find out how it got there…. what a bother…