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Beware for Malware Entitled “Windows Guard Tools”

Windows Guard Tools’ marketing is very deceiving. They will have you believe that their product scans your system and defends against viruses and harmful software. But the truth is, Windows Guard Tools provides no real security and may even harm your PC. This rogue antivirus software does not even include threat detection, nor does it remove harmful viruses from your system, like real antivirus software from a company like VIPRE would do.

The only real feature included in Windows Guard Tools is the ability to produce bogus warning messages and ineffective system scans. It’s obvious that the only thing that this product is good for is scamming users out of money. The experts at MalwareProtectionCenter.com consider Windows Guard Tools to be hostile software and advise anyone who has it to remove it by using a genuine, proven and reliable anti-malware product.

Not only does Windows Guard Tools do nothing to protect your computer from virus attacks, it may even turn your computer into a sitting duck, just waiting to be attacked. By redirecting browsers and attacking other Windows security programs, Windows Guard Tools makes your PC vulnerable and creates security threats.

Windows Private Shield leads to Identity Theft

Windows Private Shield is yet another software security scam that claims to be legitimate. In a similar way to other rogue antivirus software, Windows Private Shield is actually nothing more than spyware itself. This software captures your computer and launches an all out attack to try and scare you into buying bogus software.

Windows Private Shield works by launching a well-orchestrated hoax, inundating your computer with fake security warnings, security alerts, and spyware scans. Then, once it scams you into downloading the software, the real threat begins.

Windows Private Shield allows hackers to log keystrokes and gain access to passwords account numbers, credit cards, and other sensitive information, sending the information to a remote server. This is how identity theft can occur. For your protection, Windows Guard Tools should be removed immediately. Although it is difficult to remove it is not impossible. For help to go: MalwareProtectionCenter.com

Protect your PC With VIPRE Antivirus

VIPRE Antivirus Software protects and defends your PC against more than 100,000 web based threats 24/7. Their award winning antivirus software protects your identity, keeps your personal information safe from hackers, and includes; Antivirus, Anti-Spyware, Firewall, Spam Filter, and Bad Website Blocker.

Antivirus SoftwareBeware for Malware Entitled “Windows Guard Tools”Windows Guard Tools’ marketing is very deceiving. They will have you believe that their product scans your system and defends against viruses and harm…

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