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5 Tips to Keep Your Mac Safe From Hackers

Apple hackers at workHackers have been plaguing computers since the start of the Internet. Security walls may not always protect against hacker attacks, so it is important to continually build the defense of your Mac. Here is a list of 5 great tips for fighting off hackers, and maintaining control of your Mac.

Tip 1: Update Your Mac When Necessary

Many people who do not understand the importance of software updates will ignore them. This can be dangerous, as simple software updates can greatly reduce the risk of attack. Apple works hard to continually fix problems that arise in their software. Try enabling an auto-update feature to avoid any problems, or manually install the individual updates if you prefer to know exactly what is being updated.

Tip 2: Install An Antivirus Program

Most hackers will have trouble running harmful codes on your Mac if an antivirus program is installed. An antivirus program should be run alongside a firewall to best defend against attack. An antivirus program is the only way to isolate infected files, and prevent them from giving hackers access to your data. There are plenty of software options when it comes to virus defense. Choose one that is easy to use and effective.

Viruses on Mac computers

Tip 3: Use A Firewall

Firewalls are there for a reason. Firewalls act as personal security guards. They fend off intruders from the Internet, and prevent them from accessing your computer. This will ensure that only you, or people you give permission to access your computer, will have the ability to.

Tip 4: Disable Automatic Logins

Automatic logins are useful when you want quick access to your Mac, but unfortunately they reduce the security as well. Try to disable automatic logins, and take the time to manually login every time you use your Mac. This will ensure that only people who know your passwords can access your data.

Tip 5: Use Safe Download Sites

Sharing files is a wonderful option provided by the Internet, but not everyone can be trusted. There are plenty of harmful files floating around the web that can give hackers easy access to your personal information. Luckily, there are websites dedicated to safe file sharing like 4shared.com. They provide services in scanning files before allowing them onto their site. Try to find which sites work towards guaranteeing safe downloading, and avoid other insecure options.

Antivirus Software5 Tips to Keep Your Mac Safe From HackersHackers have been plaguing computers since the start of the Internet. Security walls may not always protect against hacker attacks, so it is important…

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